Saturday, October 13, 2012

Introducing Classic Saturday {No. 1}

I am a big fan of dressing up-- not dressing up as in fancy-smanchy clothing, instead dressing up in historical costumes. :) Well, I thought it might be fun to start a new "tradition" on this here blog. Every Saturday (until I run out of costumes), I will post a few photos of a historical costume I own (or borrowed). You are welcome to join in by posting your costumes (one per week) on your blog, then leaving a comment with your link so others can enjoy your outfit. :) You can mix up eras too, if you want. =)

Today's costume (Edwardian Era - 1901-1910):

Blouse: borrowed from my sister
Skirt: borrowed from my mom
Boots: borrowed from my sister
Hair: done by me

So, yeah, this outfit was pretty much "borrowed"! :D


Abby Kautt said...

"something borrowed..." oh wait, that has to do with getting married. ;)

You look beautiful darling sister!!

Be Thou My Vision said...


haha, true that! :D

Thanks, dearest. :) <3

Love ya,

Adrienne said...

I too love too "dress up"!
(you are funny Abby!)
This is my most recent costume:

and more pictures (in action):

Be Thou My Vision said...


Thanks for participating! =) I really loved your dress and the colors in the skirt. :)

Haha, well I am glad that I'm not the only person who enjoys "dressing-up". ;)