Saturday, October 20, 2012

Classic Saturday {No. 2}

 Today's  classic costume (Regency Era - 1812-1820):

 Dress: hand-me-down (made by my sister and mom)
"Spencer" jacket: borrowed from my sister (given to her by Grandma)
Hair bow: borrowed from my sister
Shoes: hand-me-down 
Trunk (prop): borrowed from my sister
Sash: garage sale


In case you're wondering why my bangs look different in these photos, it's because these photos are from 2010. :)

Something special
The "spencer" jacket was made in Spain, and my Grandma bought it in Germany. :)  

You are welcome to join in by posting your costumes (one per week) on your blog, then leaving a comment with your link so others can enjoy your outfit. :) You can mix up eras too, if you want. =) 

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