Thursday, October 25, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday {No. 3}

  • Hauling a whole bunch of clothing down the stairs, and outside to my backyard--- so I could take photos for this post. Thankfully no neighbors were outside (at least none that I could see)
  • Holding a baby while trying to get a drink out of a water "tank", you know one like this:

photo credit

  • Going quickly down the stairs in my nicest (really loooooong) dress, and slightly tripping on it. Thankfully didn't fall down the stairs. 8) And yup, we were leaving for a wedding when that happened. :P
  • My little brother talking loudly about something pertaining to church politics-- inside of a church building. Oh, dear. :D
  •  Going to said friend's wedding. It was a sweet, God-honoring ceremony. Sadly, we didn't get very many photos, and the ones we took weren't all that great. 
The groom and bride (Erich and Elizabeth E.)

  •  Getting to meet a young lady whom I had met via her blog. She (and her Mom and two sisters) attended the same wedding we did on Saturday. 
 Allie M. and yours-truly
My sisters and I got to talk (for like 40 minutes) to Allie and her sister Katrina. We really hit it off, and laughed a lot. =) I'm glad we met them! Oh, and what I am wearing is NOT my nicest dress that I referred to above. I changed clothing after the ceremony and reception.
  •   Going to church with two friends, and meeting their room-mate/friend, Jake. :) Then going to Bible study at some other friends' house and visiting with them and two other families.
  • My "nephew" and "niece" (and their parents) moving back to Texas. They had moved from Texas to Michigan (where they were originally from) back in June. I am so glad they're back! 
  •  Playing some epic Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball with a bunch of new (and old) friends on Monday night. =) I love both sports, but espcially volleyball. :)

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