Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn Colors (#15)


Lizzy said...

Hello! I love this blog, there are so many beautiful things on it. And especially how it shows that you can be modest and stylish at the same time. The reason I'm commenting, though, is because of a statement you made in your "about me" section. I am a Bible-believing, stay-at-home, 21 year old homeschooled daughter, who belongs to a wonderful homeschool group. I thought it was a little odd, though, how you lumped Pentecostals and Mormons in the same group. Our homeschool group is primarily Baptist, but our family is Pentecostal. The doctrinal difference is actually pretty minimal. That being said, there are some Pentecostals, who call themselves "United Pentecostal" or "Oneness" who could be considered "cultish" and do not believe certain clear scriptures in the Bible. But I just thought you might like to know that most Pentecostals are not like that.

Be Thou My Vision said...


Thank you for commenting!

I hope I didn't come across as offensive to you in that area. I understand that Pentecostals are not the same as Mormons, and that there doctrines are quite different. The reason I stated that in my profile is because I have had people ask me if I was a Mormon, a Pentecostal, a Mennonite, etc. But I am just a non-denominational Christian. I'm not at all saying that Pentecostals aren't Christians. I hope this makes sense!

My apologies if I offended you! I honestly didn't mean to.