Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Has Fallen {Modest Fashion Event} Day Six

Today's prize is from Miss Lindsay.


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Today's fashion challenge:

Wear a cardigan. Other rules that apply: if  you are wearing a dress or a skirt, please make sure they come at least down to the knee; please do not wearing tops or dresses that expose cleavage. Link up your outfit in a comment.

My outfit:

L-R: my sisters Abby and Phoebe, and our dear friend Brittany C., yours-truly. =)
Blouse/tank: thrifted (for a dollar or two)
Short sleeved  "cardigan": thrifted (around $2)

Today's interview (Miss Ashley):

  1. Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi everyone, my name is Ashley. I’m a stay-at-home daughter, 22, who is a Christian and home-school graduate. I run an Etsy shop called, Bramblewood Boutique and a blog called, Bramblewood Fashion. When I’m not blogging or sewing, you can find me baking, watching old Hollywood movies, pinning away on Pinterest, serving the elderly in our Church, or trying to figure out the story-lines of British television shows like Sherlock or Doctor Who.    


2. Have you always had the desire to dress modestly? If not, what prompted you in that area?
Yes, I’ve always had the desire to dress modestly, since that is what my parents taught me at a young age. Of course, our standards as family as to what is modest has changed over the years as we have gone through phases in our lives. Personally, I’ve never lost the desire to not dress modestly. Mostly because, I’ve always seen it important to obey God’s word, and my parents. That once I because older, it just because apart of who I am. So I really don’t remember any time that I did dress immodestly. 

3. Who is your fashion inspiration? Why?
I don’t have just one person who is an fashion inspiration to me. I’m really inspired by my best friend, Achaia, who has a very similar style to mine. I also find inspiration from the 1940s/50s/60s, old movie stars {Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly/Ava Gardner....}, and current celebrities {Taylor Swift/Duchess of Cambridge/Reese Witherspoon....}.  

4. What is your favorite piece of clothing? Why?
Hmmm....that is a hard question. I suppose right now it my cardigan collection. They are perfect for just-about every outfit and they come in a rainbow of colors & prints! Plus, I’m always cold year-round. 

5. What is your favorite accessory? Why?
There is this one pair of chandelier earrings that I bought at Forever 21 last year that I wear all the time! They are perfect for that relaxing outfit of sweats & t-shirt, or with a formal for a special occasion. They are my go-to earrings for when ever I don’t know what pair to wear. Plus, they look great with my hair up, or down. I tell you they are awesome. 

6. What do you like most about being a girl?
Being able to wear heels and make-up! Hahahaha...that was a total girly-girl moment I had there! This may shock you, but I’m not a complete girly-girl, I do have a bit of a tom-boy in me. 

7. Do you think make-up enhances ones beauty or flaunts it?
I’ve just started to wear make-up personally this past year, and I’ve found that I like it best when you use it to just enhance ones natural beauty. Just keep it natural and don’t hid behind a mask of make-up. I will go many days without wearing any make-up myself, and when I do I like to wear just mascara and a lip product {either a lip gloss or lipstick}. When I feel a little pale that day, or when I’m going to film a video for my YouTube channel, or on a special occasion I will wear some blush in a nice natural coral color.  

8. What is your favorite fall outfit? Why?
Come the week-end during the fall I love wearing skinny jeans, boots, sweater, button-down shirt, and either a trench coat or leather jacket. *sighs* It is *so* perfect for the fall time!


Today's craft: 

Not my photo
Go here, to make a braided headband like the two in the above photo.


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