Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Has Fallen {Modest Fashion Event} Day Seven

A word from our sponsor, Miss Barb:

I started making hair clips for my daughter Lucy, because I didn't care for what was available in stores. I then realized that I could sell them and contribute to research for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which is what Lucy was born with. You can learn more about Lucy at
So darling! (the prize from Miss Barb)
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Today's fashion challenge:

Dress like the person who most inspires you in the world of fashion. Other rules that apply: if  you are wearing a dress or a skirt, please make sure they come at least down to the knee; please do not wearing tops or dresses that expose cleavage. Link up your outfit at the bottom of this post.

My outfit:

Blouse: thrifted (for like $1)
Skirt: thrifted (about $3)
Shoes: thrifted (borrowed from my sis-- not sure how much they cost)
Belt: thrifted ($1.47, I think)
Hair-clip: made by me
Hair: done by me and my sister Abby

I know, this was an extreme "no-no" in fashion-- I wore all dark colors (gray, black, brown and blue). Shame on me! :P But, hey, there is some white and gold in there!! :D No, to tell you the truth, I don't have any other clean skirts at this time, and we just moved so a lot of our stuff (a.k.a. clothing, etc.) is in storage. Blah, blah, blah. And, apologies for the poor lighting in the photos. It had just started raining, and so it was pretty over-cast too. Thanks to my sis, Abby, for taking the photos and helping me with my hair. =) <3

Today's interview (Miss Ali):

1. Tell us a little about yourself. -- My name is Ali Holmes and I'm 15 years old. I am the 3rd oldest out of six kids in my family. I guess you could say I'm a very talkative person, once I get to know you I am. :) My passion is the piano, I've been taking it for hmm... seven years now. My dad is a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church, and I'm the pianist for our church. :) I should also say I'm homeschooled and in 9th/10th grade, somewhere in between.

2. Have you always had the desire to dress modestly? If not, what prompted you in that area?you-- Wow! Okay well my answer is a yes and a no. Now what I mean by this is that about 3 years ago I started wearing skirts but not until last year did I fully understand why I should dress modestly. When I think of modesty I don't just think of just wearing skirts or dresses, personally believe it is considered modest wearing jeans, but they have to be loose fitted ones. There will be some stuff that I can't do wearing a skirts. If I was to ride a horse and it was windy that day, then most likely the wind will lift my skirt and WHOOPS! 

3. Who is your fashion inspiration? Why? -- My fashion inspiration hmmm...I've never really thought of that. I guess I don't really have one, I just wear whatever I think look good and what my mom thinks is okay. 

4. What is your favorite piece of clothing? Why? At the moment it would be skirts or dresses. But pretty soon it will be fall and my favorite piece of clothing will be sweaters!! 

5. What is your favorite accessory? Why? Does boots count!? It that doesn't count, then it would be bracelets. :)

6. What do you like most about being a girl? Hmm...I love that there are a lot more options of clothes we can dress up in, and that God made me one. 

7. Do you think make-up enhances ones beauty or flaunts it? I think a little make-up enhances ones beauty. Just don't go over board with the eye liner or eye shadow!!

8. What is your favorite fall outfit? Why? Dark blue jeans or skirt, with a nice long sleeve top, with a scarf and boots!! :)

Today's craft: 

Not my photo
Go here for a tutorial on how to make cute beaded bobby pins.


CountryGirl said...

This is my entry for the challenge!

Be Thou My Vision said...


That is impressive! =) I love refashioning and upcycling too! =)

Have you ever heard of the Refashion Co-op? Check them out here:
I am not saying I endorse their posts, etc., but they do have some good ideas!


CountryGirl said...

Cool! Thanks!

EMMA said...

Great craft!


Be Thou My Vision said...


Yup! =)

Abby Y. said...

I love your shirt!
Abby Y. =)

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