Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Has Fallen {Modest Fashion Event} Day Five

Today's prize is from Miss Sarah. She has agreed to contribute this lovely Peony Vegan Blush. Thank you! 

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Today's fashion challenge:

Wear an outfit inspired by your favorite time period. Other rules that apply: if  you are wearing a dress or a skirt, please make sure they come at least down to the knee; please do not wearing tops or dresses that expose cleavage. Link up your outfit in a comment.

My outfit (Regency/Edwardian Eras/Modern):

Blouse: thrifted (for about $2)
Skirt: same as yesterday. Yup. 8)
Shoes: none. I love going barefoot, and I only wear shoes when I have to. 
Headband: won in a giveaway

Thanks to my little brother for taking photos for me (again)! =)

Today's interview (Miss Olivia):

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm 19, a Christian, and the oldest of 6. I spend my days cooking, cleaning, blogging, and ministering to those around me. Keeps me busy! I live on 64 acres and we have exactly 100 animals... all but 8 of those being chickens. ;)
2. Have you always had the desire to dress modestly? If not, what prompted you in that area?
I have not always desired it, but I've always done it. The Lord really changed my heart when I was 13/14 from a rebellious, lemmedowhatIwant girl to a OkayIwanttofollowyouLord woman. I think the biggest influence was just blogs of Christian women who talked about dressing modestly. :)
3. Who is your fashion inspiration? Why?
Wow, hard question. I don't really have a single inspiration... I just pick up bits and pieces here and there of different things I love and incorporate them into my own wardrobe.
4. What is your favorite piece of clothing? Why?
I *love* my short gored dark denim skirt that I made. You can see a picture of it here. It's perfectly durable and practical, always cute, slimming, and matches everything.
5. What is your favorite accessory? Why?
Wow, I'm realizing that I don't wear that many accessories besides jewelry. I do love my big brown leather belt with a huuuge floral belt buckle though and enjoy wearing that. :) It's country, but classy, and gives a lot of interest to an outfit. :)
6. What do you like most about being a girl?
I love that we get to infuse beauty into our surroundings. We are the decorators, the cleaners, the sewers, the knitters. The home makers. The ones who God has created beautiful. And we get the chance to enhance that beauty and cultivate it.
7. Do you think make-up enhances ones beauty or flaunts it?
I believe that make up is something that enhances beauty and just "tends our gardens."  Too much make up can be distracting, but if it brings out your features tastefully, I think it's great. :D
8. What is your favorite fall outfit? Why?
I love my long denim skirt with a red plaid button up shirt. I wear another shirt underneath that has a black hood, so the hood hangs over the plaid and it's just delightful. :) and warm.

Today's craft: 

Not my photo
Learn how to make a Regency Poke Bonnet, here.


Abby said...

I love Olivia's blog! She is such a good seamstress!
Abby Y.

CountryGirl said...

Here is my entry for today!!

1940's is my time period! :)

Be Thou My Vision said...


I totally agree! =)


Oooo. Wow! I REALLY like your outfit!!! =) 1940s is one of my fave time periods as well. =)


Katherine said...

Cute shirt! =)

For the giveaway, I follow you by the name Katherine and you can go to my blog( to notify me if I won. :)

Have a good day

Ebenezer Forest Farm said... :)

Sarah Peterson said...

Ohh, I adore mineral makeup!

My blog:

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Thank ya!


Great to see you on my blog! =)


I do too! =) Thanks for stopping by!


Abby said...

When do your giveaways end?
Abby Y.

Be Thou My Vision said...


Each day's giveaway ends a week after it starts-- make sense?


CountryGirl said...

Thanks! It turned out better than I thought it would ! :)

Kelsey said...

Love the post today dear!!!!

Be Thou My Vision said...


Aw... thanks, hun!



Sadie said...

Love your outfit, but just adore your skirt!! I have a weakness for jean skirts!


Be Thou My Vision said...


Thanks! I too have a "weakness" for jean skirts-- but they have to be a dark blue or (in this case) black.


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