Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Has Fallen {Modest Fashion Event} Day One

Today's prize is from Miss Stephanie.Thank you so much, Stephanie!

A word from Miss Stephanie:

          "I love the feeling when I crave to create something! I'm so thankful for God who gives me inspiration and the desire to create. "Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow." James 1:17
          I opened my Etsy shop late summer 2011, and am now running it full-time from home and I enjoy every day of it! Being with my sweet 2 year old daughter full-time and work from home has been such a delight and so rewarding! It was always a dream for me to have a business creating handmade items and I never would have imagined it to have come to place like this! Nothing is more exciting to me than a fresh idea of what to create next.
        I have always loved to make my own cards, and ALWAYS prefer to send out "old fashioned" letters in the mail. It is so much more exciting to get something as a surprise in the mailbox, especially a hand written! So I hope to bring the same joy to others who may receive something handmade from the heart.
      I started the painted dandelions summer of 2011 on a whim with a framed 3 piece set I made for my living room instead of buying expensive artwork from the store. To my surprise, my husband came home and encouraged me to put something of the like on Etsy because he knew for a long time I had the desire to do that.
     This year I have begun to make fabric flower accessories (brooches, earrings, hair clips, bobby pins). I have really enjoyed learning new skills because when I get in a creative rut it refreshes my inspiration to work with a variety of mediums.
     If you have any comments or suggestions for my shop, or any requests for custom orders, please send me a message I would be delighted to hear from you!"

Miss Stephanie is generously contributing this lovely pair of "Eggplant Fabric Flower Bobby pins",

Are they not the cutest thing ever? :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today's fashion challenge: 

Wear a scarf. Other rules that apply: if  you are wearing a dress or a skirt, please make sure they come at least down to the knee; please do not wearing tops or dresses that expose cleavage. Link up your outfit in a comment.

My outfit:

Shirt: thrifted (for like $1)
Skirt: thrifted (a couple bucks)
Shoes: none
Scarf: Kroger (for like $2!!)

Today's interview (my sister Abby):

1. Tell us a little about yourself.  I am a twenty-something fun-loving girl, who is passionately seeking Jesus with my life, enjoys spending time with my family which includes my wonderful parents, three brothers and two sisters.  I also like spending time with friends, talking about important issues facing my generation, playing volleyball, ultimate frisbee and baseball.  Some of my past-times include listening to music, journaling, running, watching films, gardening and writing. 

2. Have you always had the desire to dress modestly? If not, what prompted you in that area? Yes and no.  For most of my life I have dressed modestly because it was the desire of my parents to represent Christ in an appropriate fashion, but I didn't really 'own' it until I was a middle teen.  Now as a young adult, I not only embrace modest fashion, but I think it is wonderful to see all of the interpretations of modesty, and the personal expressions of the girls I know, who believe it is an important principle.  I do sometimes wear jeans and capri's, sometimes they are more modest than a skirt. :)

-          Christopher blue jeans (thrifted)
-          J. Crew shirt (thrifted)
-          Merona flip-flops (Target)
-          Headband (Target)
-          Bracelets (made by Abby)

3. Who is your fashion inspiration? I don't necessarily have a person I look to for inspiration.  I make up a lot of my own "style" out of my own sense of what I like, and I do take a few cues from society (general), and one of my favorite fashion blogs ( -- I don't really care about "fashion" in the traditional sense of the word, I dress to please my Jesus.  Why?  Why do I like Urban Weeds?  Mostly because they showcase ordinary Portlanders wearing the styles they like, which means each person showcased is unique and individual.  A lot of the styles shown on that site are bohemian/classic, which means there are a lot of unique pieces and also clothing that outlasts all current trends, transcending many decades.
4. What is your favorite piece of clothing? Skirts.  Why?  Because I feel feminine in them, but can also dress them down.  There is a lot of flexibility with a black, blue or brown skirt. 

-          American Eagle shoes (thrifted)
-          Headband (Ulta)
-          Ring (Target)
-          Larry Levine skirt (thrifted)
-          Fossil t-shirt (thrifted)

5. What is your favorite accessory?  Bracelets.  Why?  I LOVE mixing and matching, and making my own, and wearing a few or a lot, because they are just cool... yeah, a kinda lame answer. ;)
6. What do you like most about being a girl?  There are a lot of 'pros' to being a girl... for me, I enjoy the fact that I can do my hair, wear jewelry, make-up, frilly tops, put on perfume.  I can also get grungy working in the garden, or playing baseball or running.  The most important thing that I like about being female, is that God made me that way, and I am learning to embrace my femininity with every fiber of my being.
7. Do you think make-up enhances ones beauty or flaunts it? It really depends on the person.  Whenever I wear make-up, I usually regret having done so, because I really don't need to, so on me, I would say it doesn't necessarily flaunt it, but it doesn't bring out any good qualities really.  It really depends on the heart attitude of the wearer.  If you are trying to be "sexy" or "flirtatious" then you probably shouldn't be wearing make-up; but if you are trying to accentuate your natural beauty to please God, then I think it's totally ok.  Not every girl, especially younger girls, NEED to wear make-up. Our society tells us that they only way we are beautiful, is if we do this or that.  Really?  Just relish how God has made you, and be happy in the fact that He is looking at our hearts, not our bodies. If we have a beautiful heart, at peace with God, that beauty will radiate through our faces. 

-          Vibram (sprints) shoes
-          Lee capris (thrifted)
-          Xhileration t-shirt (thrifted)
-          Casio watch (Target)

8. What is your favorite fall outfit? I really like skirts, so probably a brown skirt with a fallish colored t-shirt, and my favorite grey cardigan.  Why?  Because dressing for fall is loads of fun. :)

Today's craft:

DIY knot headband 


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Like the outfit!


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I heart the shop!


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An entry that I did was to share this giveaway. I gave you the wrong link! Opps! Here is the right one!

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Here is my outfit!

Emily Ruth said...

I like your scarf, Johanna! My blog is, in case I win. :)

Be Thou My Vision said...

Emily Ruth,

Thank you! =) It's my one and only scarf, and I was so "proud" that I got such a good deal on it.-- Such scarves usually are like $13 more than what I got mine for!


Abby said...

Hey, looks like a great start to the Fall party!
Abby Y. =)

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I posted about it on my blog!

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I'd like to link up but I don't have a blog anymore. :/ cute outfit though! I love scarves, but it's a bit too hot to wear scarves right now. Probably will be for a few more months.

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For the giveaway: those are beautiful flowers! You know how to contact me. :)

Marjo.....B. said...

I like your scarf! It looks like it's light enough for warmer fall weather, too. Today I didn't wear a scarf because it was a little warm here, and I didn't here about your idea until now. But I definitely dressed in brown and green, with a brown necklace and earrings! :) I am so excited about fall!

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Thanks! =)

Hopefully you can participate tomorrow. ;)


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