Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Introducing (Outfit Post)...

...Two new, lovely dresses. :)

I won this beauty from a giveaway, sponsored by eShakti. It was custom sized and styled to my taste. ---I was able to choose the sleeve type (I went with the cap sleeve) and length of dress (I went with longer than mid-calf). I LOVE this dress! It has pockets, and FULL circle skirt, a side zip closure, adorable pleats at the bodice line, fabric covered buttons, embroidered butterflies. I couldn't ask for a better dress!! :)

Outfit one: 
Dress - eShakti (free)
Butterfly pin - vintage gift from an old friend
Camisole - thrifted (about $.75)
Heels - borrowed from my Grandma

Outfit two:
Dress - J. Crew (thrifted for $6.48, originally a $138 dress) 
Headband - J. Crew (it was the original belt for the dress)
Belt - thrifted (for about $2.50)
Necklace - made by me (cost about $1)

I love how both of these dresses are 1940s style. So CUTE!!! :) Oh, and all of these photos are self portraits; I just used a tri-pod and camera timer. :)


Leah Mays said...

Oh...I'm jealous....I adore the first dress it's so lovely....Ah.... ;P You're so pretty! =) And You style those dresses perfectly, they just fit you SO nice. =D

Be Thou My Vision said...


haha, I know the feelin'. 8) And thanks, but I will say, it wasn't all natural beauty. ---I was wearing some make-up (blush, eye shadow, and mascara). ;)

Thanks for commenting!!


Leah Mays said...

Oh, nonsense...YOU are still beautiful.. ^_^ =) :D ^+^

Be Thou My Vision said...


Thanks! ;)


Allison said...

Jo, you're amazing. I adore both dresses. And using the belt for a headband - that's genius!! <3 Miss y'all and praying for you. :)


Be Thou My Vision said...


Aw... thanks, sweetie! :)

I have another top (featured in this post- that actually has a belt that is made of the same fabric from the top, and I have used it as a headband too. :)

And, thanks so much for your prayers!!! They are really appreciated. We are going through some rough times right now, and it's a comfort to know that we have friends who care. :) <3


Kelsey said...

Girl, you look gorgeous! And those dresses look so cute on you :)I wish u lived near me I could raid your closet *grin* . Please do more outfit post!!!!!!!:=)

Love In Christ,

Do you have an email? I would love to get to know you better! My email is

Be Thou My Vision said...


Aw... thanks so much! haha, the raiding closet feeling is mutual. ;) I really should do more outfit posts--- we'll see. :)

I'd LOVE to email you!!! I will leave my address in a comment on your blog. :)

Thanks for commenting!