Monday, July 23, 2012

period costume inspiration

I love Elizabeth Bennet's above outfit. The color and neckline of the dress is so lovely but simple.

 I really like the print of the spencer jacket and the color. It is so autumn-y and I LOVE autumn!! :)

And also like her bonnet. I really want to make a whole outfit like this. Problem is, I couldn't just wear it any day of the year. :( People don't dress like this still, but I sure wish we did!!

I love Jane Austen's rusty orange "jumper" and the blouse she wore under it. So very simple yet feminine! This "jumper" would also be lovely for the fall. And I think I could get by with wearing that any day of the year. :)

I like Amy Dorrit's purple dress. The actress really looks lovely in purple-- it makes her eyes shine!

And Esther Summerson's pale blue dress. I love the ruched princess seams (I think that's what it is) and the fabric covered buttons. Such an elegant dress! 


Mykidsmom said...

I could not agree more. The beauty of a modest,natural women. I think about how different past styles have come back in, this is the one I pray for the most. I love the way the men dressed,too.

Be Thou My Vision said...

My Kids Mom,

Thanks for commenting. :)

Yes, I too like the men's period costumes (mainly from the Regency era)--- the cravat wearing gentlemen. :)