Saturday, July 7, 2012

life lately

the third of July - all of us Kautt kids (except Jaden) went bowling with our other "brothers" (Andrew and Isaac D.).

Isaac D.

yours-truly. it was my second time to bowl ever, the last time being when i was only 6. i still had tons of fun, though!
Phoebe, my sista
go, Pheebs!
Caleb, Andrew D., and Phoebe :)
Isaac D., Joel, Abby and yours-truly :) 
the fourth of July - Andrew D. is going off to medical university in Houston, so his brother, Isaac, threw a going away party for him. all of us Kautt kids went. we played kickball and Ultimate frisbee, then stood around and ate and talked.

Jared C.

Jaden (my brother) pitches to Jadon C.

the vultures. ;) -- Jadon C., Grant W., Jaden, and Caleb

Talley A. and Mrs. D.

Abby, Phoebe and yours-truly

crazy sisters. :)

most of the crew. l-r (back row): Daniel D., Grant W., Brian C., Jordan C., Joel. l-r (center row): Talley A., Scott W., Dhirender R., Caleb, Andrew D., Abby, Brittany C., yours-truly, Phoebe. l-r (front row): Jaden, Mr. C., Jadon C., Isaac D., Jared C. 
after the party, the W. brothers, the D. family, Talley A. and the Kautt siblings went to the D.'s house so Joel, Caleb, and Isaac D. could get their hair cut by Andrew. Andrew was always razzing Joel and Caleb about how long their hair was, so they decided to surprise him by asking him to cut their hair. it was quite hilarious!

before the cut

honest-- he wasn't making that face because i had the flash on. he had tangled hair!

the shady characters

in the middle of the hair cut-- the mohawk. :) thankfully, he didn't leave it this way! :D

the half finished hair cut
almost done
Caleb's finished do. :)
after the hair cutting "ceremony" (which made Andrew's day, btw), we headed to Grandma Kautt's house. of course, Grandma wasn't there (she's my grandma who is in the hospital), but we hung out with our cousins, aunt and uncle.

Abby was very nice to do a short "photo shoot" with me while we were at Grandma's. 

the sixth of July - my cousin Andre (who is in the Navy) was on leave, so he came to see us.

Emily H., Andrew., Phoebe, Jaden and i play "Apples to Apples"

Emily's turn to judge :)


Becca said...

Fun fun! :D

Be Thou My Vision said...


Indeed! :)

Allison said...

Oh, what fun!! The guys' hair looks way different before & after. :) Looks like cool times. <3


Be Thou My Vision said...

Ali (when did it change to Alli? ;D),

It has been cool times. :) And I'm loving the guys new hair-dos. :)

Love ya <3,

Abby Kautt said...

It was a lovely several days with dear, dear people having fun and enjoying life! Love when that happens. :)

Thanks for the pictures Jo, you're the best!

Be Thou My Vision said...


Agreed! :)

You're welcome-- I really enjoy doing it. :)

Love ya,