Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday...

...To one (of two) of the best older brothers in the world! My brother, Caleb, is turning 20 today. :)

Clever... he is always coming up with good ideas for all sorts of thing.
Active... whether he's jogging in the neighborhood, or out mowing lawns, Caleb is not one to be idle. Of course, he knows how to take a break (well, sorta). :)
Laughter... Caleb is always ready to crack a joke, and laugh at his own mistakes.
Enormous... he is very tall (over 6 foot) and well built (muscular, not stocky). You don't wanna mess with him! ;)
Benevolent... he is quick to give a hug to his parents and siblings, and he's almost always smiling. :)

I love you, Cal, and I hope you have the best Birthday, evah! <3 And congrats on officially being done with your teenage years.

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