Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mothers' day and the day after

on mothers' day, my family and i went to Rockwall Bible Church to hear Mark Cahill speak. it turns out that the Mally family, and Jason Lisle were there, which was really neat! and of course we got to see Dr. Jobe Martin and his family (RBC is their home church). 
     last June, my sisters and i filmed a ladies conference put on by the Martins are RBC. it was there i met my dear friend, Kathleen B. and her sweet family. :) Kathleen and i have exchanged emails and letters pretty much since the beginning of this year. we hadn't seen each other since last June, so it was a real treat to see her (and her family) again!! =) <3 

 Kaks <3 and me
Abigail B., Kathleen B., and yours-truly
my sister Phoebe (using Mom's iPad) takes a photo of my sister Abby taking a photo of us. *whew* what an awkwardly long sentence. :D 

catchin' up
l-r: Jonathan B., Paul D., Mrs. B., Aleah B., Rebekah B., Elisabeth B., Christina B., and Mr. B.

Kathleen opens a present from me, while Abigail B., Mum, and i look on. 

yesterday, my family and i went out to Mr. J.'s farm. Mr. J. is from Denmark and has a lot of fascinating stories and information to recount. his place is very beautiful!
Queen Anne's Lace
more Queen Anne's Lace

does anyone know what these are? aren't they just lovely?!

the "neighbor's" hay

beautiful pond side flowers

Indian Paintbrush

the rickety fence has a beauty of it's own
my suh-weet brotha, Caleb! :)

one of Mr. J.'s sheep

the larger of the two ponds


the intricate spider's web

Phoebe's hair :)

calm and sweet Phoebe :)

Abs :) she's sweet too, of course.



my darling sisters :)



Savories of Life said...

You blessed me so much . Loved the out door pictures! Come see my giveaway and do spread the word

Be Thou My Vision said...


Aw... you're so sweet! :) Thank you!

I will check out your giveaway!


Allison said...

I like this post. :) I know I've said it before, but ... you are incredibly talented with that camera! Every one of these pics is just beautiful.

Be Thou My Vision said...


Thanks, sweet pea! :) <3 I *did* edit them to a certain degree-- always remember that! ;)

Love and miss ya,
Jo <3

Becca said...

I love these pictures! Great work!

Be Thou My Vision said...


Thanks!!! :)

Brittany C said...

Those flowers are called Mexican Hats. ;) And yes, they're fun flowers!


Be Thou My Vision said...


Thanks! They are beautiful!! :)

Love ya,
Jo <3