Saturday, May 5, 2012

english country dance practice (May 2012)

last night was the monthly ecd practice. boy, we sure had loads of fun!!! we danced (among other dances), "Virginia Reel", "Levi Jackson", "Posties Jig", "Trip to Paris", "Addison's Waltz". :) i had some fantastic and helpful partners (not partners in crime, btw). it is difficult to capture the delight of such an evening, but we tried. so, below are some photos of the night.

yes, i know, my look in this photo is purely ugly!! :P but i was confused, and i was not mad at my partner. :D oh, btw, the neat thing about this photo is, i am dancing with Jordan C., and my brother (Caleb, in the red) is dancing with Jordan's sister, Brittany. :) "So two sibling couples" right next to each other. this was "Addison's Waltz".

still dancing "Addison's Waltz" and still confused
"Levi Jackson hold" in the dance "Addison's Waltz" =)
some of the moms and kids watching and visiting
Hope P. and Sarah K. (far left) dancing


Kate W said...

We do English Country dancing also & just learned Levi Jackson's Rag this past winter! It's a fun dance! I've never heard of Addison's Waltz before though...

We're learning Scottish dances this year, in preparation for our upcoming Ball... I'm SO excited, I can't wait! THANKS for posting! These are great photos!

Be Thou My Vision said...

Hello Kate,

Thanks for commenting!

Yes, "Levi Jackson" is so much fun!!! :) This is probably why you've never heard of "Addison's Waltz"-- it was composed by a young lady who goes to our dance practices. :) It's very lovely!!

I don't know any Scottish dances, though I'm sure they are very fun.

Thanks, I did edit these photos--- the lighting was terrible! ;)


CountryGirl said...

in the last pic is that Sarah Knight. If it is I know her. Do you go to church with them? That's so funny!


Becca said...

I'm sad I missed it, but I'll be there for the ball! I can't wait to learn the new dance! :) See you soon! ;)

Kate W said...

Yes ma'am, it is! Ah, no wonder I'd never heard of it! Oftentimes those dances written by friends of yours are usually the best & most fun though! :)

Yes, there aren't a lot of strictly Scottish dances... More English Country dances, with Scottish costumes! ;) Let's see, so far this season we've danced/learned the Flowers of Edinburgh, the Duke of Kent's Waltz, Little Ramsay Divey, Hull's Victory, the Rag/Yellow Stocking, Progressive Gordon, Black Nag, Circassian Circle, I Care Not For These Ladies, Portland Fancy, Jefferson & Liberty, Hole in the Wall, George Washington's Favorite Cotillion, Down the River, Jacob Hall's Jig etc. That's all I can remember off the top of my head, although I'm sure there's more... ;)

I LOVE taking photos also, especially of our friends at the dance practices! :)

Keep dancing... Have fun! :)

Be Thou My Vision said...


Yep, that is Sarah Knight! Really? You know her? How do you know her? No, I don't go to church with her. I met her because of the dance practices.


Yes, it is too bad you missed it. :( I don't think I'm going to the ball, though. Hope to see you soon!!


I have danced "The Duke of Kent's Waltz" before. I have heard of some of the others before, but I don't think I have ever danced them.

I love taking photos. Period. :)


CountryGirl said...

My family met her family at Family Camp in Big Sandy, TX. That's so funny!

Be Thou My Vision said...


Really? ALERT's family camp? That is funny! I didn't know that the Knights went to that. My friend Kathleen (see my most recent post) and her family has gone to that family camp-- do you know them (the Bueche family)?