Sunday, April 22, 2012


yesterday, my family (minus Dad and Joel) and i, went to a friend's birthday party. it was so much fun!!! we played volley-ball, "wally ball", Ultimate Frisbee, ate and made new friends. :)

"wally ball"

quit staring at the ball! =D "go for it, Gromit."

Rachel D. tries to get the ball

l-r: Abigail H., Rachel D., Mark H., Jared C., Kayla W., Mary Bethany W., Mrs. P., Sarah H. and Andrew H.

Sara P. gets ready to hit a nice volley. l-r: Bethany D., Katherine H., Ruthie H., Sara P., Brittany C., Daniel H. and Jared C.

four lovely moms: Mrs. W., Mrs. P. (the birthday gal), Mrs. C., and Mom

guys talking. l-r: Jordan C., Mr. C., David P., Samuel and H.

fore-ground, Andrew H. background, Ruthie and Mark H. (they aren't Andrew's siblings, btw)

my little bro, Jaden, with Michael D., and Kyle playing with Frisbees

nice backward hit, Sarah! :) my sis, Abby, is in the background, in the brown skirt and blue shirt.

my sister Phoebe, learning how to drive my brother Caleb's truck

Jaden, at the end of another fun and eventful day! love ya, bubby! :)

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