Tuesday, March 27, 2012

pinteresting finds (jewelry and such)

i found a great many lovely pieces of jewelry made from silverware.

a neat jewelry tower-- silverware holders that you would stick in a drawer.

adorable earrings-- i <3 polka dots!

these would be really cool wedding rings

i love the necklace this gal is wearing

cute necklace and earrings set

i love this colour! i'm not a big fan of large jewels, but this is just stunning!


Becca said...

Those are cool! My grandmother has something on her keychain made from some of her old silverware! It is really neat! :)

Be Thou My Vision said...

Yes, they are! :)

BTW, I accidentally deleted your comment on the post about Clementine. I'm SO sorry! I have the new blogger lay out and it's a bit confusing-- I guess I pressed delete instead of publish. Ooops!