Sunday, March 11, 2012

linking up... Ashley's blog event. today starts the 1940's week. :) i love the 1940s!

so i guess i need to share something about WWII. i am currently "hooked" on the ITV series-- "Foyle's War". the main characters are in the law enforcement, so they deal with a lot of murders and bleak stuff. but i've always liked mysteries, and the investigations are almost like mysteries. :) all of this is set in England, during WWII. lovely costumes, high action, British accents, etc.

Paul Milner (actor Anthony Howell), Christopher Foyle (actor Michael Kitchen), and Samantha "Sam" Stewart (actress Honeysuckle Weeks)


Allison said...

Honeysuckle Weeks? That is a ravishing name if I've ever heard one!

Be Thou My Vision said...

Yes, indeed. ;) Poor gal!

Abby Kautt said...

Actually Jo, its produced by ITV.

Foyle's War is gggrreeaatttt!! :)

Be Thou My Vision said...

Thanks, sorry for the mistake. I was trying to look up the correct info, but it didn't make it clear. :(

~Jo <3