Friday, February 17, 2012


i just got this blouse at a thrift store for around $1. :) my sister, Abby, has the same blouse, so that was a plus. 
with my sis Phoebe (on the right) in 2002

the Kautt siblings (2003)-- i am on the far left

my sixth birthday party-- with my sisters

my family (minus Mom and Abby) and I with Dr. Jobe and Jenna Dee Martin. Dr. Martin has spoken at three of our apologetics conferences. this one was in February 2009.

our family (minus Mom) and Dr. John Morris at another of our conferences. this was in October 2009.
our family - in 1999, i think. :) i am the little girl in the center of the whole photo. :)

our family in 2002, a few months before Jaden was born.
with little Mylie R. :) she's a doll!

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