Friday, February 10, 2012

q&a session (the answers)

Marcia asked me several questions:

q: what is your favorite book?
a: that is very hard. i really like Irene Hunt's Across Five Aprils. i would've married Jethro if i could've. ;) of course, it's only fiction. :(
isn't Jeth so handsome? ;)  this isn't my photo.

q: what is your favorite quote?
a: that's also quite difficult. but one of my favorite quotes is:

q: Winter/Spring/Fall/Summer?
a: autumn, by all means! :) yes, every season has a beauty of it's own, but i am totally 'in love' with autumn!

q: Chocolate or Vanilla?
a: chocolate. i am a total chocoholic.

not my photo

q: Coffee or Tea?
a: probably tea. :) it tastes better and you can be so dainty drinking it. ;)

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Emily Ruth asked me several questions: 

q: what are your top five favorite songs?
a:  that is a hard question. i'm not really into your typical songs. but right now, i'm really liking the following songs: May the Lord Find Us Faithful; Nearer, Still Nearer; Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord; Make Me a Blessing; You Are My Hiding Place. You can read some of the others here.

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q: what are your top five favorite books?
a: like i mentioned above, Across Five Aprils, is a favorite. The Princess Adelina, The Measure of a Heart, The Hiding Place, and Aunt Jane's Hero. Emily, you picked a very hard question, because i love to read and i love books! 
photo by yours-truly

q: what are your top five favorite colors? 
a: green, purple, pink, blue and yellow. :) 

q: do you prefer sandals, boots, sneakers, heels, or bare feet?
a: boots or barefeet, pretty much. :) i do sort of like sandals, and  i will wear ballet flats or Converses sometimes.
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if any of you have other questions, please leave a comment below. :)

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