Wednesday, February 1, 2012

near and dear

here are some photos of folks who are near and dear to me- besides my siblings and parents. :) several i did not mention below: Katrine L., Amy Y., Abby Y., Rachel C., and Bethany C. :)

my Japanese aunt, Naomi (on the right). she is a sweet heart and is such a fun aunt! 
my sweet friend, Elisha (pronounced Allisha), on the left. she is such an encouragement to me in my walk as a Christian.  i first met Elisha at a co-op pick up. i thought she was 'weird' and i think i may of been a bit frightened of her. 8) but we've been good friends for four years now. :) 

sweet Tammy. :) i met her at a fossil dig and i saw her for the second time last September. we've been writing each other for 3 or  4 years, and she is such an up-lifting person. :) 

Ally. :) you make me smile! Allison is my joyful friend. i've known her and her family for about 3 years. i met her at my cousin's baptism. :) 

 i met Kimberly's family at an apologetics conference in the summer of 2010. she's a thoughtful and kind friend. i like the way she challenges me in my faith, in a loving but serious way. 

the M. sisters. :) it has been a blessing to get to know these sisters via their blog and skype.  i was so excited to meet them in person last november. you girls are such sweet examples to me! :)  

Sara P. and Brittany C. -- they are joyful sisters in Christ. need i say more? ;) 

Stephen W. -- he's been my little buddy for quite a while. :) i first met him at a sing-along. btw, my friend Elisha is Stephen's sister.
my second cousin, Madison. :) don't ask me how i met her! ;) she's a dear heart and darling! :)

Stephen P. -- another bud of mine. i met him because his family was interested in attending our church. so we decided to go and meet them, one Sunday eve. :) it's been downhill form there (haha)! just kidding!


Allison said...

Aw! Awesome post! I'm honored to be your friend. :)

CreativityStartsHere said...

:) <3

Emily Ruth said...

Lovely! I enjoyed seeing these photos. :)

CreativityStartsHere said...

I guess it kinda shows you what type of people I like to hang out with.