Monday, February 13, 2012

i was awarded (four awards)

                                                                     (''dearest'' blog)

thank you, Marjo, for awarding me!

Below are the rules for those of you whom I awarded.

0. You get all the blog awards which you see above.
1. You post this list of rules on your own post
2. You post 11 random things about yourself (if you don't have time, do 5)
3. You answer the questions which I thought up for you. (see bottom of this post- answer as many as you have time to.)
4. You create 11 MORE amazing questions for the people YOU tag. (or 5 questions, if pressed for time)
5. You list the links of everyone you awarded, and then run to their blog and tell them you were so generous as to share all these awards with them!


Q: Fiction or Non-fiction- which do you read the most of? A: i actually like a combination of both. :)
Q: Victorian, Civil War or Colonial- which is your favorite time period clothing-wise? A: probably Colonial. :)
Q: What is the common denominator in many of the blogs you follow?
 (which style of blog is your fav.?) A: fashion or crafts
Q: Do you like Western/Cowboy style or English/romantic style better? (this goes for clothing, time periods, journals, room décor, movies, etc.) A: probably English/romantic.
Q: Sweet or Savory- which would you choose? A: savory, probably.
Q: Have you ever been to a symphony? A: yes. twice! :)
Q: What is your favourite fruit? A: that is difficult. probably grapes. :)
Q: Would you rather visit cold countries, or tropical? A: maybe cold? i really don't know! i've wanted to go to Barbados, but that is basically the only "tropical" place i've wanted to go to.
Q: Are you a city girl or country girl? A: city gal. i kind of wish i were a country gal.
Q: Do you visit my blog every time I post? A: almost
Q: What is your favourite topic for me to post on? (I would love to hear your answer!) A: probably costumes and dancing. :)
Q: Do you prefer seeing mountains or ocean? A: mountains, i guess? I've only been to the ocean once--- a long time ago, so i really don't remember that.
Q: What is one new thing you did/experienced/accomplished in 2011? A: english country dancing. :)

my eleven questions:

1. what is your favorite country?
2. do you like the color green?
3. do you like costumes?
4. have you ever done english country dancing?
5. have you ever been to another country?
6. spring or fall?
7. summer or winter?
8. rain or sunshine?
9. do you like posing for photos?
10. edwardian or regency era?
11. tomboy or girly girl?

i now award:


Katrine said...

Thank you so so much, Jo!!
I just posted about it :)

THank you!!! <3<3

Be Thou My Vision said...

Good! I'm glad. :)

Love ya,
Jo <3