Sunday, January 1, 2012

English Country Ball

on the 30th (of December), my family got to attend the English Country Ball. :) it was SO much fun!!!! we even got to dance "The Virginia Reel".

yours-truly (on the right) dancing "The Virginia Reel"

my little bro, Jaden, was my partner for "The Virginia Reel"

the press thought that they needed to take photos of us. by the way, my over-skirt is made from curtains!!

Jared C.

most of the P. family

Brittany C.

Sara P. and Brittany C.

Jadon C. and my brother Jaden

my sweet sister, Abby

Brooke G., Brittany C., Caroline A.

the A. siblings: Allison, Caroline and Clay


Allison said...

Oh, how awesome!! I love everyone's clothes! Sounds like so much fun. :))))

CreativityStartsHere said...

It was SO much fun!! The photos can't even begin to capture the fun of it all! ;)


Emily Ruth said...

This looks like a lot of fun!

CreativityStartsHere said...

Oh, my! It sure was! :) I LOVE dancing! --- And dressing up in costumes! ;0