Monday, December 19, 2011

Family Travels

On the morning of November 16th, my family and I headed out of Texas. My Dad's brother, Jim (who is a missionary to Germany with his Japanese wife, Naomi) came along with us. We were going to Atlanta for the National Missionary Convention, held at the Georgia International Convention Center. Being that it was a two day trip, we stayed the first night in Birmingham, Alabama, with Kai Mao and Ping Liu. Mr. and Mrs. Liu are Chinese and they have been to my Uncle Jim's church in Germany. Anyway, they were very gracious hosts and made really good food! ;) So below are some photos of the trip. Enjoy!!

The lovely grand piano at our Atlanta hosts' (the Mr. and Mrs. Harbin) home.

My sister Phoebe

The Harbins' dog, Sugar-- aptly named :)

The Harbins' house is very nice!

The lovely old-fashioned "parlor"/sitting room


A sweet German young lady (Rahel) stopped by my Uncle's booth. I loved her outfit, so I asked if I could take her photo. :)

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