Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas, etc.

little miss Elizabeth G.

Lizzy <3

miss Mylie R. <3

Austin R., Elizabeth and Tristan G. playing

the adults

my sister Abby, holding Mylie Jo

yours-truly (Jo) reading to Austin R.

he was a good listener and had some very interesting questions. :) his family is soon moving back to California, so I am going to miss him a lot!! :(

Tristan G. takes a ride on my brother Joel

at pinecove
the lovely tree at Pine Cove, where our family gathering was held

my brother Joel, holding cousins Zak and Emma-Grace :)

cousin Andre and my brother Caleb jammin'

L-R (Back): Reece, Taylor and Andre. (Front): Dustin and Stefon. they are our cousins :)

Mom's brother (Jay) and his family. L-R: cousin Trevor, Aunt Mary, Uncle Jay, Jay's grand-daughter Janice and grandson Easton, cousin Lacey.

cousin Emma-Grace and my brother Jaden

Emma-Grace loved Jaden-- and he loved her too! ;) They were so cute.

cousin Reece and his sweet wife, Lauren. Love you two!! :)
cousin Stefon, being his usual goofy self. ;)

Mom's Dad withMom
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Mom's brother, Abe, talking with my brother Joel
Emily H. (friend), Andre, Reece and Lauren  


Emily Ruth said...

Looks like you all had a good time!
It says you posted this in December, but it didn't show up in my Blogger list until today. Do you know why?

CreativityStartsHere said...

Oh, yes we did!

The reason this post didn't show up on your dashboard until yesterday--- my blog had been invitation only for a little while. :)


Emily Ruth said...

Oh, I see. That makes sense. :)