Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas, etc.

little miss Elizabeth G.

Lizzy <3

miss Mylie R. <3

Austin R., Elizabeth and Tristan G. playing

the adults

my sister Abby, holding Mylie Jo

yours-truly (Jo) reading to Austin R.

he was a good listener and had some very interesting questions. :) his family is soon moving back to California, so I am going to miss him a lot!! :(

Tristan G. takes a ride on my brother Joel

at pinecove
the lovely tree at Pine Cove, where our family gathering was held

my brother Joel, holding cousins Zak and Emma-Grace :)

cousin Andre and my brother Caleb jammin'

L-R (Back): Reece, Taylor and Andre. (Front): Dustin and Stefon. they are our cousins :)

Mom's brother (Jay) and his family. L-R: cousin Trevor, Aunt Mary, Uncle Jay, Jay's grand-daughter Janice and grandson Easton, cousin Lacey.

cousin Emma-Grace and my brother Jaden

Emma-Grace loved Jaden-- and he loved her too! ;) They were so cute.

cousin Reece and his sweet wife, Lauren. Love you two!! :)
cousin Stefon, being his usual goofy self. ;)

Mom's Dad withMom
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Mom's brother, Abe, talking with my brother Joel
Emily H. (friend), Andre, Reece and Lauren  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011