Saturday, October 8, 2011

English Country Dancing Practice

Jared C. (in the black shirt), and Jaden (that lil' guy on the far right) dancing
There are my sister Abby and brother Jaden on the far left. Jaden really got into the dancing and didn't want to go home-- that kind of surprised me! ;)
Abby (the girl in the blue shirt) dancing with Hannah K.

What fun!

Hannah K. and I dancing

That's my brother Caleb in the maroon shirt, and our friend Jordan C. in the grey outfit. That was my favorite dance!!

This was a very fast-pace dance, and I kept messing up. I really felt sorry for the guy (Josh K.) I was dancing with! 8P But he was very kind and patient with me. Thanks, Josh!
For those who don't know what English Country Dancing is-- it is the type of dancing in Pride and Prejudice. It is also a bit like square-dancing. :) And it really is fun!!!


Shannon said...

What a lovely time! We enjoy Contra-Dancing, which is just like English dancing, but with more of a country aspect {which allows for more twirling!}

Many Blessings,

CreativityStartsHere said...

It certainly WAS a lovely time! :) I've heard of Contra-Dancing before and seen photos-- looks fun! Twirling is great too.


Johanna Grace said...

Sounds like fun Johanna! I've always wanted to learn how to dance... this sounds like a ton of fun!!!

Love ya :)

CreativityStartsHere said...

Hey-uh, Johanna! :) It was SO much fun! Maybe if you are up in this area sometime around the first friday of the month, you could come to the ECD practice. :)

Love ya too! <3